TRIUNE Seminar

The FSCO sponsors and conducts the TRIUNE Seminar, at various locations, specifically for the advancement of straight chiropractic. Many D.C.s are getting the “BIG IDEA” for the first time and others are improving and fine tuning their focus. Continuing education credits are available when possible.

The TRIUNE Seminar is a program designed to show you and your staff
how and why to achieve an ABOVE-DOWN, INSIDE-OUT focus for the next millenium.

The following are dates for future TRIUNE Seminars:
TRIUNE dates may be subject to change.

March 4-5, 2000 9a.m. to ???
Marriott Downtown Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA Details
To Register for the TRIUNE Seminar “On-line”
or call Barbara LaScola, FSCO Executive Director
at 1-800-521-9856 to register.