Back To Life Review: SEE MY RESULTS!

Have you ever caught yourself saying “boy, they sure don’t make them like they used to”? I have, and I’m only 32 years old. But it definitely seems like we live in a world where products just don’t live up to the hype. It gets to a point now where you don’t trust anything you see anymore.

We’ve all been there. All of us have had problems and we need solutions. We see a commercial or an ad about a product that supposedly will take care of this problem that were are having. Only to find out it’s just another scam, or it’s just a flat out junky product.

In the history of home massagers, there have been A TON of cheap, second rate products. I’m not saying there haven’t been good ones, but the vast majority of them are a complete waste of money. I could draw from my own experience to know that’s true. Ever since my later 20s, I have always had some back problems

When I was a kid, you don’t think about these kind of things. I remember growing up, my father would always get backaches, but as a child you don’t think that’s ever going to happen to you. When you are a kid, you think you are invincible. You just assume that you’ll always be in tip-top shape.

By the time, my late 20s came around, my back would get these strong back spasms, where it would just stiffen up on me all of a sudden. It was really rough.

Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning, and I would be fine, while other times, I would wake up, and it felt like I was sleeping on a hardwood floor. There were times, I had to ask my boss if I could leave early from work, because my back was bothering me so much.

I remember reading that 80% of people experience some kind of back pain. I suppose it’s nice to know that I wasn’t alone, but just because other people were going to through the same things I was, doesn’t mean that my pain just magically went away.

I knew that I had to take care of this as quickly as possible. I knew that my back problems were going to get a lot of worse before they get better. Here I was, in my 20s, and was experiencing problems that most people in their 40s have to deal with. i could only imagine how bad it was going to be when I reached middle age.

I setup an appointment to see a chiropractor. After he checked me out, he said that it wasn’t anything serious but that I would need some adjustments. So I went to see him on a fairly regular basis. I actually went to see him 2 times a week. The adjustments helped, especially after the treatment. But the pain and stiffness would really kick in the few days following the treatment.

I worked as a stocker for a supermarket. In that kind of job, back pain was fairly common. One of my co-workers, Dave, who was experiencing similar kind of back pain, told me that massages were great, and that I should look for a massage therapist.

So, I was already seeing a chiropractor. Now I was going to see a massage therapist. Well….I am glad Dave suggested it, because it was phenominal . My back felt great and I was completely relaxed. There was one small problem, though. It cost me $80 for a 30-minute massage. What made it worse was that my insurance company didn’t cover it. So it was all out of pocket.

So, as much as I enjoyed them, there was NO WAY, I was going to be able to afford to do this on a consistent basis. Heck, i was still paying $10 out of pocket for each visit to the chiropractor (my insurance didn’t fully cover it).

I knew that I had to get some kind of home massager. It was, by far my cheapest option.

I’ve tried A LOT of home massagers

Since, so many people experience back pain, there were no shortage of back massagers on the market. I asked my chiropractor if he had one he specifically recommended. He basically said they were all pretty much garbage.

I didn’t listen to him, though. I just assumed there had to be a quality back massager somewhere on the market. Well …. unfortunately for me that wasn’t the case. I’ve lost track of how many back massagers I have purchased, but here is just a short list of some that I have purchased:

  • Variable Speed Jeanie Rub Massager
  • HoMedics Back Revitalizer
  • Conair Massaging Heat Cushion
  • Plus Many others ……..

Needless to say, I didn’t have much success with any of these products. I guess if I had to pick a product that helped me the most it was the Variable Speed Jeanie Rub Massager, but that’s not really saying much either. It would give me some relief for about an hour, then the stiffness would come back.

Honestly, I was just getting frustrated with the whole thing. I just couldn’t tell if these were junky products, or they just weren’t helping me, specifically. I knew that there had to be some people buying these kind of products and seeing some kind of positive results.

I was so sick of paying A LOT of money for products that just weren’t working. I remember telling Dave, who was also looking for the holy grail of home massagers, that I was fed up spending my money on this kind of stuff. I told him that he should quit looking too. He was only wasting his money. But he was a little more optimistic about it than I was. He said “we’ll eventually find something that works“.

I told him to “knock himself out and keep searching”. For me, I was resigning to the fact that this was just the way it was going to be for me. I was going to have to go through life with this kind of back pain. I’d get some relief from when I saw the chiropractor, but there were going to be days where my back was going to stiffen up on me.

I figured that a lot of people deal with this kind of problem every day, and I was going to be one of them. There wasn’t a whole lot I can do about it.

One day at work

It had been a couple of months since I decided to give up on searching for a home massager. In the meantime, my back had good days, and my back had bad days. I had strangely gotten used to it.

Anyways, it was a regular night at work. I was actually going to stock with Dave that night. I hadn’t seen him in about 3 weeks. So it was going to be fun to catch up while we work.

One thing struck me right away, as I saw him lifting crates. He had a little more spring in his step than I remembered.

I said “what happened to you?” He said “what do you mean?

I said ” I mean you look like one of those old guys from the movie Cocoon after jumped in the pool”. He laughed and said “nah….I just feel good“.

I noticed he wasn’t favoring his back like he normally was, and he had a little better posture than I remember.

I asked him “have you done something different?” He said “Yeah……but you probably don’t want to hear about it.” (Dave’s a bit of a smartass).

I told him “Come on!!!! Come clean already.” He told me that he has been using this product called Back To Life . I had never heard of it, which instantly made me suspicious.

But he told me he’s been using it for a little over month now, and he was really happy. I asked him “how come you didn’t tell me about it before?” He said, “I know how you feel about those products. You would have just told me that I was wasting my money.”

Me, being the pessimist that I am, I still thought it was waste of money. But I told him I would check it out.

So, I went to the Back To Life website, to see what is all about. I kind of lackadaisically looked at the website. I saw the little video, and honestly, it looked kind of……..well………..gimmicky. I wasn’t really impressed. I had been so sick of these “can’t miss products”.

But wouldn’t you know it, that night my back really became stiff. It was one of my worse spasms ever. I couldn’t sleep, and the discomfort was really bothering me. I knew it would eventually go away, especially because I had my appointment with the chiropractor the following day, but it made me reconsider Back To Life . (funny how that works, huh?)

So, I went back on the computer and surfed around to see what most people were saying about the product, and surprisingly (to me, anyway) there were a lot of positive comments.

I was reading about people who were having similar back problems as me, talking about how this product was able to really help them. Most amazing, was the fact how quickly they said there back start to feel a little better. (kind of like Dave).

I must say that I was starting to become interested, but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t get passed the fact that I was worried that Back To Life would be just another scam.

The Regimen Begins

You may not have guessed, but I am not exactly what most people call a patient person. I’m the kind of person that needs instant gratification. When I buy a product, I want to see it work right away. But in this case, I made a conscious decision to take it nice and slow.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I shouldn’t expect my back to be fixed that soon.

That being said I was hoping for the best, and expecting the worst.

I started the next morning with my first 12 minute session. The process is pretty relaxing. There is nothing really strenuous about it. It’s kind of funny, but you don’t really feel like you are doing anything. I finished my first 12 minute session, and I didn’t feel any different at all. I did my second session later that night, and again, felt no difference.

I woke up with next morning with some stiffness on my back, a little worse than the day before. So, my paranoid little mind starts working overtime. I think that maybe Back To Life is what caused this stiffness. It was pretty silly to think that, though. It’s been something that has been happening to me for several years now. It would be kind of ridiculous to blame it on Back To Life.

Well……a week had passed……and I hadn’t really noticed any kind of improvement. I was thinking……”here we go again. It’s another piece of junk product”“When will I ever stop falling for this stuff?”

But I said I would give it a fair chance, and continue to do it. If nothing changed, I would stop the regimen in a month.

But something interesting in the middle of the third week. I forgot that I had an appointment with my chiropractor, one day. That never happens!!! Do you know why? Because I’m always thinking about my chiropractor appointment. The reason is because, it represents relief from my discomfort. I know at least for that da, my back will feel a lot better.

But because I wasn’t feeling any pain or discomfort, I forgot all about it. I didn’t even realize I forgot all about it until the receptionist from the chiropractor’s office called me the following day to tell me I didn’t make my appointment, and I needed to reschedule it.

After I got off the phone with her, I kind of chuckled. It dawned on me that I have been relatively pain free in the last 3 or 4 days. It had been a while since that happened to me. It totally sneaked up on me. I couldn’t help but think that maybe Back To Lifehad something to do about it.

So I decided I was going to stick with it, a little longer.

Well……cut to three months later, I have been using Back To Lifetwice every day, and I feel incredible. It’s like night and day, compared to what I used to be.

Sure, I may have the very rare day when my back is a little stiff, but it’s nowhere near as debilitating as it used to be. 

What is Back To Life???

Back To Life Book

In simple words, Back To Life By Emily Lark is a therapeutic program that was designed to help you reduce your back pain and restore your full range of motion. More specifically, this guide is comprised of simple exercise routines that you can easily perform on your own.

The Back To Life guide was created by Emily Lark, a yoga instructor who also suffered from the debilitating effects of back pain. After years of research and lot of trial and errors, she came up with a set of stretches and movements to relieve her back pain.

In her Back To Life guidebook, Emily Lark will share with you simple stretches and exercises that are designed for the reduction of back pain, especially in the hips and knees.

All the exercises in the guide are implemented in less than 30 seconds, followed by a minute of relaxation before doing another set. You are not meant to feel pain while performing the exercises and you will not be overly exhausted even if you follow them every day.

Now, let’s talk about the main pros and cons…

The Pros And Cons Of The Back To Life System

The Pros

Tested Routines

In her Back To Life program, Emily Lark not only included exercise routines that have long been used by athletes, but also added some techniques used by other sports medicine doctors to treat muscle and back pain. These techniques were proved to be effective for people with a very active lifestyle, so there is no reason why they should not work for average people, regardless of age.

User-Friendly Guide

Although the strategies came from professionals, Emily Lark made sure that everyone will be able to follow the program by providing a step-by-step guide with clear, simple instructions.

In addition, Emily’s methods are therapeutic and do not involve any exhausting and complex activities. You can perform the routines in the comforts of your own home and even if you are alone.

Smart And Practical Choice

Pain relievers and frequent therapy sessions are much more expensive than the Back To Life system. This fact makes the guide a smart choice for people who don’t want to spend much, yet desire to be free from limiting back pain.

Full Refund Guarantee

The Secret Back To Life package is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. In our opinion, this only proves that Emily is very confident about the effectiveness of her system.

In simple words, this guarantee means you can follow the Back To Life program for several weeks, and if for any reason you are not satisfied to ask for a full refund…

 The Cons

Requires Consistency And Practice

There is no such thing as an instant solution to back pain. Over the counter drugs may try to reduce the pain, but the soon as the effect goes off, your back pain will continue, and it may even get worse.

The beauty of the Back To Life program is that it was designed to greatly reduce, and even eliminate your pain completely naturally. However, you must understand that you will only achieve desirable results if you’re consistent with the program.

Only Digital Copies Are Available

The Back To Life guide and the bonus manuals that come with it are only available in a digital edition.

Unfortunately, no hard-copy of this product is available for purchase right now and there is no way to get this guide at the bookstores…

So, What’s The Final Verdict

If you are still wondering if Back To Life is a scam, let me lay those worries to rest. It’s definitely NOT a scam. I really wanted to do this Back To Life review to help all those people who are experiencing pain or discomfort in their back, and are skeptical about most of the products that are on the market. I know what you are going through, and I just wanted to tell you that there is a product that can help.

It isn’t just the simple fact that it’s helped my back. There is so much more:

I’m a happier person: Let’s face facts. When you are in pain or discomfort, you can’t help but be in a bad mood. It’s only natural. Who is going to walk around with a smile on their face, when they don’t feel well? Nobody. I used to be really short with people. I was a lot more irritable. But now, I’m much better. I have a much friendlier demeanor.

I’m getting back in shape: Obviously when you have back problems, one of the many things you are not going to be able to do is workout or go to the gym. But ever since my recovery, I’m in as good of shape as I was, when I was 21. I’m playing basketball, which is something I haven’t done since my mid 20s. I’m not very good at it, but who cares? I’m enjoying it.

I’m able to sleep a lot better: Prior to Back To Life, there were quite a few sleepless nights. I could never find a comfortable spot. Any position I would be in, would stiffen up my back. That’s no longer the case. I get a full 8 hours on most nights, which is completely new territory for me.

Overall, Back To Life by Emily Lark is a helpful guide that can effectively reactivate your muscles and eliminate back pain.

The thing we really liked about the Secret Back To Life system is that it is safe and user-friendly, thus you don’t have to worry about back and muscle injuries. While this system requires consistent effort in order to work, there is no reason why you should not be able to follow it if you are determined to get rid of the pain and restore your full range of motion.

Of course, this program also has its own set of cons and it is a bit disappointing that Emily Lark doesn’t offer a physical version of the guide. However, as we see it, you can benefit more from this program than almost any other pain relief product on the market right now.

Moreover, since the Back To Life system is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee, you are not risking anything by giving this program a try…

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