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IFCO Rewards Future Chiropractic Leaders

January 3, 2011

“I am happy to report that there is definitely a future for straight chiropractic!” says IFCO Director and Scholarship Committee Chairman David J. McGonagle, D.C.   The inaugural Scholarship for Leaders has left the Scholarship Committee enthusiastic about the prospects that may help the IFCO continue its mission. The applicants outnumbered any recent scholarship that the IFCO has sponsored. Nearly all the applicants deserve notoriety. McGonagle expects to see their names on a list of seminar speakers, a peer-reviewed article, or sitting on a chiropractic board of directors in the not-so-distant future.

The Scholarship for Leaders didn’t ask anyone to do anything other then tell the Scholarship Committee why they think they should be recognized as a leader in the “world of TIC”.

The guidelines allowed the applicants to nominate themselves or to be nominated by a school staff member, field doctor or peer.  Nominated students hailed from nine different chiropractic schools throughout the United States.

These students have a long list of accomplishments on their resumes, including: being an active part of student government, starting technique and philosophy clubs on their campus, getting their school to participate in an interscholastic speech competition on chiropractic philosophy, tutoring classmates, heading up clinical research projects based on the chiropractic adjustment, and standing up for our profession against a professor who was verbally degrading both TIC and TOR during class ( as a student, this takes guts). The outward signs of leadership were evident.  The hard part of being on the scholarship committee was to choose five most-deserving students, each receiving a $1000 scholarship.

The following are the 2010 IFCO Scholarship for Leaders award winners:

Jessica Bogart       Cleveland L.A.   

Lucas Chesser      Cleveland L.A.  

Sean Drake           Life University   

Alvin Hsu             Life West    

Christie Kwon      Life University

 We can be hopeful that these individuals will stick with their enthusiasm and commitment to keep chiropractic on the straight path.  When you have a chance to speak with a scholarship winner, congratulate them and encourage them.  Also, be ready to learn from them.



5 Prizes Totaling $5000

  Just for doing what you love…

  Chiropractic students are eligible for up to $5000

in prize money for their efforts

to advance and/or promote the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic.

The IFCO will consider all nominated students who have advanced and/or promoted the philosophy, science or art of chiropractic in a significant way.  The IFCOfeels that it is important to acknowledge, reward and encourage those students who are taking the initiative, and have gone beyond their comfort zone, to experience chiropractic beyond the classroom. Contributions will not be judged solely on how “large scale” the contribution is, but also on the level of foresight the student has in their activity to further the practice of chiropractic.  The objective of the scholarship is to reward a student who is willing to take a leadership role this early in their chiropractic career.

Who is qualified:  Any matriculating chiropractic student may be nominated for the scholarship.

Who may nominate:   Any student (including self) or employee of a chiropractic college, as well as any licensed D.C.  The person nominating must state why the nominee is deserving of the scholarship award in 1000 words or less. 

How to nominate:  Include a cover sheet with name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, school name, and student’s present level of trimester/quarter.  Also include name, address, and telephone number of nominator if not self-nominating.

  • All scholarship entries should be double-spaced and be in normal font of 10-12 pitch, 1000 words or less, formatted in Word. 

Deadline:  Scholarship entries must be e-mailed

by November 15, 2010

  • E-mail entries to: IFCOChiro@gmail.comspecifying in the Subject line:  Scholarship for Leaders.  A confirmation of receipt of the e-mail will be sent to you. Please contact the IFCO office if you do not receive confirmation by November16, 2010. 
  • Award recipients will be announced and recognized on or before December 31, 2010.

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