Hit the Ground Running DVD sets have arrived! The IFCO is proud to bring you the complete Hit The Ground Runningseminar on DVD. If you missed the opportunity to attend the live program at Sherman College you can now order all or part of this great program and make it a permanent part of your personal library to review as often as you need to get every bit of valuable information from 6 powerful IFCO speakers.

Here’s what the program includes:

Dr. Shawn Powers – How to Attract and Empower ALL the New Patients You Desire

Dr. Dean DePice – Obliterate The Options

Dr. George Auger – Your Success Equals Your Ability To Lead

Dr. Greg Stetzel – Communicating Chiropractic

Dr. Shane Walker – Road Map to 60 New Patient Months

Dr. Peter Kevorkian – Chiropractic Mastery

Individual presentations – $20*/DVD of your choice

or buy the whole set of 6 DVDs for just $99*.

(*additional charge of $5.00 per DVD set – shipping & handling)


 Could you benefit from more new patients?

  • If you don’t think you can pull off a radio show you are WRONG! 
  • Our tutorial and sample shows help you put the show together.
  • Weekly radio shows yield between 12 and 30 new patients a month.
  • Create instant credibility with your patients and the community.
  • Get the step-by-step tutorial plus sample shows.

Limited Introductory Offer: 


$ 149 plus S & H

 Discounted for IFCO Members: $99 plus S & H

 Contact the IFCO to place your order: (800)521-9856




Help Your Practice Members


Now you and your practice members can spread

the Chiropractic message with every car trip. 

These 5.8” diameter car magnets are an easy way

to increase Chiropractic’s visibility in your community

and start Chiropractic conversations.

Pricing Information*

    1   –  $4 each  

 25   – $75  

100   – $250      

250   – $500      

500 – $750    

*S & H is extra based on weight and destination.

Contact IFCO for more information.



 Want better educated patients?

Now there is a way to create better educated patients, patients committed to their care, patients willing and eager to refer friends and family to you for their chiropractic care.

The WEEKLY HANDOUTS Program allows you to educate your patients on a regular ongoing basis with little effort on your part. 

The WEEKLY HANDOUTS Programs, Volumes 1 and 2, are collection of 52 educational and inspirational handouts that you can simply copy on your office copier or print out your computer and hand to each patient every week to keep your practice members motivated.  The 10 page implementation guide, included with the programs, gives you suggestions for different ways to use the program to help you build a bulletproof practice full of dedicated patients.

Order now to discover a new way to consistently and effectively educate you practice, excite your patients and turn on your referral generator.  Practice will never be the same again.

            WEEKLY HANDOUTSfor $250 + S&H*

           WEEKLY HANDOUTSfor $250 + S&H*

           BOTHWEEKLY HANDOUTS1 & 2 for $450 + S&H*

*S & H is extra based on weight and destination.Contact IFCO for more information.


Chiropractic Marketing Tools that will Absolutely Grow Your Practice

By John Reizer, D.C.

$19.95 + Shipping & Handling

Why Should You Buy This Book?

This book will help doctors who are looking to develop sure-fire methods to properly market their professional services to prospective patients.

Whether you have been a practicing doctor for many years or you have just recently opened your doors for the very first time it is imperative that you learn how to package and present your professional service to potential patients in an intelligent manner.

In this book, best selling author Dr. John Reizer provides a step-by-step guide for readers on how to successfully implement the most cost-effective marketing tools in the modern chiropractic office.

John Reizer, D.C. will generously donate 25% of the proceeds collected from sales generated by the IFCO back to IFCO!




by John L. Reizer, D.C.

“15 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Chiropractor” is an enjoyable and practical guide designed to help those special doctors who are interested in attaining the highest level of success possible within the chiropractic profession. Veteran chiropractor, author, and college lecturer Dr. John Reizer reveals to readers his very own private formula for personal and professional success. Dr. Reizer simplifies his formula by breaking down its major ingredients into fifteen powerful secrets that will instantly help chiropractors to realize their own unlimited potential for success.

Topics include: 
< >Personal goal writing strategiesHow to write a proper mission statement Avoiding professional burnout Managing your time efficiently Visualization techniques that will ensure your success How to create and implement a patient referral program Learning how to have fun in the workplace Creating balance within your life Developing a healthy attitude about being successful And much more
$15.00 each plus Shipping & Handling


Also available through IFCO:

Materials by Joe Strauss, D.C.

IFCO and the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education (F.A.C.E.) have teamed up to bring you the finest straight chiropractic patient education and professional growth materials available, offering a 20% discount to IFCO members.

The prices for Dr. Strauss` publications are for IFCO Members only. Non-Members must order directly from Dr. Strauss by calling call 1-800-397-9722 or visiting http://www.chiropracticoutsidethebox.com


Chiropractic Philosophy 
The most definitive explanation of the philosophy of chiropractic in the last sixty years. Hardback, 248 pages.
$25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price

Refined by Fire: The Evolution of Straight Chiropractic 
Follows the development of straight chiropractic through 1994. Hardback, 316 pages.
$30.00 / $24.00 IFCO Member Price

Higher Ground 
A collection of philosophical, motivational, and practice building essays taken from lectures by Dr. Strauss over the past 15 years. Hardback, 245 pages.
$26.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price

The Journey 
A historical novel that follows David Grey from the Civil War through a medical career that leads him to Iowa and to D.D. Palmer, who holds the answer to his life-long search. Paperback, 250 pages.
$5.95 / $5.00 IFCO Member Price

Enhance Your Life Experience 
A book about health written from an above-down chiropractic perspective, especially for the lay person. Presents the basis for chiropractic and every other aspect of health and human performance. 200 pages.
Hardback:$25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price
Paperback$8.00 / $6.00 IFCO Member Price

Reggie: Making the Message Simple 
Portrays honestly the contribution of chiropractic`s most articulate philosopher, presenting the man and the message that most chiropractic colleges in the country are afraid to let their students hear. Hardback, 262 pages.
$25.00 / 20.00 IFCO Members
The Pivot Review: 1992-1997
Collection of over 100 articles taken from past issues of The Pivot Review . Hardback, 252 pages.
$30.00 / $24.00 IFCO Member Price

Toward a Better Understanding of The Philosophy of Chiropractic 
An advanced chiropractic philosophy text that builds on the basics presented in Chiropractic Philosophy. Hardback 195 pages,
$25.00 / $25.00 IFCO Member Price 

Green Book Commentaries:
Book 1 – Vol. I-IVa, $25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price 
Book 2 – Vol. 4b-XIV, $25.00 / 20.00 IFCO Member Price 
Book 3 – Vol. XIV (Stephenson`s Text), $30.00 / $24.00 IFCO Member Price
Book 4 – Vol. XV-XXI, $25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price 
Book 5 – Vol. XXII-XXIV, $25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price 
Book 6 – Vol. XXV-XXIX, $25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price 
Book 7 – Vol. XXX-XXXIX,$25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price 
Booklets • Articles • Newsletters Videos

One Page Newsletters-articles for the back of your newsletter
$30 /12 ; $24.00 IFCO Member price

Weekly Patient Articles Volume I ~ 26 masters
$25.00 / $20 IFCO Member Price

Weekly Patient Articles Volume II, III, IV, and V (13 masters each)
$15.00 / $12.00 IFCO Member Price

Chiropractic Fun For Kids ~ activity & coloring book sold in quantities:
25 copies $25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Members Price
50 copies$45.00 / $36.00 IFCO Member Price
100 copies $80.00 / $64.00 IFCO Member Price

Videos from Dick Plummer, D.C.

The Chiropractic Challenge for Tomorrow 
The IFCO is distributing a high quality DVD or VHS video of a “classic” lay person lecture for your waiting room, patient and public education needs. Running time is 27 minutes and is suitable for local TV broadcast.
IFCO Members $60.00, non-members$120.00

A Four-Tape VHS Package For The New Doctor 
Finding New Patients (13 minutes)
Standing Room Only Health Talks (7 minutes)
Creating a Chiropractic Environment (7 minutes)
Building a Family Practice (7 minutes)

IFCO Members $125.00, non-members $199.00

To Your Health 
Educate and entertain your patients at the same time with this video. A live audience participation program produced in a CBS studio. (2 hrs. 1 hour is repeated)

Available on your choice of DVD or VHS.
IFCO Members $79.00, non-members $129.00

Chiropractic for Animals. 
This 2 hour DVD or video covers everything from anatomy to adjusting your dog, cat, or horse plus supplementary notes for horses and a collection of articles relative to chiropractic in animals. Now you don`t have to close your office to attend a seminar on animal adjusting just to help that occasional pet puppy.
IFCO members$79, non-members $99


The online store is under construction.
To place an order, please call 800-521-9856

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