The Venus Factor – Expert Review & Debunking Facts

One of the major challenges that is confronting many women in the world is how best to lose weight effectively. This is what the Venus Factor by John Barban is out to solve for many people who are confronted by that problem. It tells you the whole truth that you should know about weight loss. It is the best product out there for any woman who is looking for the perfect way to achieve a sexier body. Since the program was released, many people are recommending it because it is solving their weight loss problem for them. If you have a threatening weight challenge, and you are looking for the best way to get that problem solved, we recommend that you read this important review because it may be the final solutions to your problems.

The Venus Factor by John Barban

The program is meant for women and the program creator has raised the hope of many people because the program is focused on the best way to build your body and achieve weight loss. He created the program to be a beacon of hope for those who are finding it extremely difficult to lose weight.

John Barban knew that it is extremely difficult to achieve weight loss through starvation and that is the major reason he created this program to help women achieve weight loss in a healthy and professional manner. There is no doubt that this method is the best way to lose weight. The method is a twelve-week program and it is designed to make the woman healthy and beautiful and it does that by helping you to shed the excess weight.

The Venus Factor is going to work for you once you follow the instructions as provided by the creator of the program. The information and instructions are provided for you in a simple and easy to follow format. This means that you are not going to find it hard to implement the system because it is going to work for you. If you actually want to transform your body, then you must follow these instructions as they are provided for you in the program. When you get the program, it comes with digital tools that would help you to achieve your goals. Most of the elements that you need can be downloaded online without difficulties. There is no doubt that when you get information and tools you needed that you are not going to find it hard to achieve the desired results.

The system is composed of seven components and these components would help you to achieve your goals; When you get the program, the first thing that is of relevance to you is the main manual. This manual is located at the center of this program and that is perhaps the most important of it. The manual explains everything you are supposed to know about the system.

The main manual covers a lot of things that you are supposed to know before you can achieve the aims you want to achieve. Among other things, the main manual contains information about sizes difference among women, as well as their different body compositions.

Secondly, it shows the roles such thing like Leptin can perform in the metabolic processes of women. You need this because it can help you to achieve your goals. When you talk of weight loss and weight gain, things like soybeans, sugar as well as artificial sweeteners are often mentioned, it is important that you know the truth about these and how they can affect your weight loss efforts. It teaches you about the various types of food that you can eat, such as good foods and those considered to be bad foods. It educates you on the best eating plan that can help you to achieve your objectives.

The main manual is also going to educate you on how you are going to avoid calorie deficiencies. Most importantly, it is going to advise you on the best way you can become healthy and so on. Another important component of the program is the power guide. This is an important component and it guides its users on the feeding system. Nutrition and diet are important and you can get important insights about them in this section of the program. The dietary plan is unique, this is because it is not restricted.

Manual exercises

This is another important component of this program. It teaches you on the best exercises that you can take to shed your excess weight. The manual exercises is programmed for twelve weeks and it encompasses different kinds of exercises. Moreover, exercises are broken down steps by steps. There are lots of exercises contained in that exercise manual. All these exercises are body exercises and so on.

Other items contained in the program include:

  • Online application
  • Online community
  • Podcast series
  • Exercise program

These are the items contained in the program and you can see that they are tailored to help women shed their excess weight.

Advantages of  Venus Factor:

Here are some of the benefits of using this program:

  • It is easy to follow
  • It contains twelve weeks light exercises for body slimming
  • No strict diets to lose weight
  • You cannot go hungry
  • It has no negative effect because it is natural
  • The nutrition program is not difficult to follow

The only shortcoming is that the program is available online, and that means that it is not easy to come by the hard copy. You can buy it from reputable online retail stores. If you want to shed your weight, especially if you are a woman, this is the best product for you. It is highly recommended. So if you want to grab your copy today with special bonuses and discount price. It will be better for you buy from official website

You can see from the review above that The Venus Factor is the best feminine body transformation product on the market today. This product is meant for women only, and women irrespective of ages can apply it. It is going to help you to achieve a firmer and lovely body. This means that if you are looking for information about weight loss or burning excess fat in your body system, you may get that information from this program. The major focus is getting that desirable shape that can help you to live a happy and long lasting life.

It is a course and the course is broken down in simple language so that everybody can easily understand them. It is designed to help women transform their bodies within the shortest possible time. If you are finding it hard to achieve the hourglass figure you have to be aiming for, this is the product that would help you to achieve that. It is not meant just for the super woman. It is meant for every woman who wants to attain a good figure.

The course is going to achieve the purpose the creators wanted it to achieve, because it is shoulder intensive. Research has shown that its rep range from anything ten to twelve reps. While burning those excess fat in your body system, you would see that the program is more interested in helping you to achieve a lean body by building muscles. Although it may encourage workouts, but this can be done in a circuit manner, and the program encourages rests between exercises as well.

This program is not for everybody, it is only for those women who want a good workout plan that can help them to achieve the dream body they have always wished to have.

There is no doubt that one of the major challenges that are confronting women across the globe is how to get a good shape at less cost. Most programs they have tried elsewhere could not achieve the expected results, because of the inherent deficiencies in most of the programs. You can see that many of such programs, which were aimed at helping women achieve fitness, were based just on a diet or some are based on useless exercises. While doing that the so-called programs have always neglected the most important factor that matters for every woman, and that is how to achieve an attractive shape, and how to achieve that naturally. This is the demarcation between this program, and several others that were on the market before it. It focused on the most important thing that matters to the woman, and that is how they can achieve the most attractive shape that makes them lovable again.

The program can work for every woman because it was formulated with every body type in the mind of the maker. You can personalize it in the best way that helps you to achieve your objectives. What works for one person may not work for another and that is why the creator of the program recognizes individually differences when creating the most revolutionary women fitness program on the internet. It is going to work out for you irrespective of your body proportion. It is structured in a way that would suit every user.

Even if you have not heard about the program, all you need to do is to watch the video presentation about it, and everything it says and promotes would be very clear to you. The Venus Factor promotes the ideal body shape or what is known as the Venus Index. It recognizes the best height to weight ratio. The ideal waist for most women should be thirty-eight percent of the person’s height. To get what should be your height to waist ratio, you can simply multiply your height in inches by 0.38. This is the major reason we say that the program is good for everybody; it has a perfect formula, which can suit the need of everybody. If you know your height, you can easily determine your waist to height ratio, and the program would provide you with everything that you need to attain the right shape.

Moreover, the program is going to help you to achieve a perfect waist to hip ratio. It has a standard formula for that, and it includes multiplying out your waist circumference by 1.42 and this would help you in getting your real hip measurement.

In the same way, the Venus Factor is going to help you determine your waist to shoulder ratio. You can do that by multiplying your ideal waist number by 1.618. This is going to assist you in arriving at your shoulder circumference.

When we say that the Venus Index is not the same for everybody, it is because everybody is not the same when it comes to height, waist, shoulder and so on. These ratios are very important, but the most important among them includes the waist to height ratio. Based on this formula you can personalize this program to achieve your objectives.

What else are you waiting for to get the best feminine body shape?

You can use the program to create the perfect shape that would make you attractive again. It has different programs, which are targeted at helping you to reach your goals. You can see that it contains different strength exercises, as well as weight lifting and so on. The major aim of this program is to assist you in achieving that flexible body that can make you compare with other ladies.

You can see that there are series of workout plans that are included in the program. The most important thing about the workout plans is that they are simple and they are effective as well. The equipment’s needed are simple and easy to assemble. It requires just a workout mat, a bench, a barbell, as well as dumbbells. You can see that you are not going to find it hard to lay your hands on this equipment. This means that you can even do those workouts in your home without going to the gym.

These workout plans are not designed to consume your time. You can observe them just about three times in one week. Moreover, the workouts are varieties and they are targeted at helping you to achieve your dreams. You can see that this program is directed at helping you to transform your body in the most effective way.

The beauty of the program is that you do complex, but easy exercises here. What this implies is that different muscles and movements are included in the plan. There are several of them, and there is no doubt that if you finish all the exercises that are contained that you are going to achieve your targets within the shortest possible time.

While some of the workouts are easy, there are quite a number of them that are not easy, however, you can achieve your target in no distant time. Moreover, these exercises are designed for you to do them just three times in one week. It is not a big deal. It is meant for women and you can do them just as other women can do it. You are going to complete this exercise without many difficulties.

You are not going to find it hard with the exercise, because it has everything on the ground to ensure that you succeed. The workouts are shown in the video and this means that even if you have not heard about such exercises before you can now learn and do it on your own.

You see that the program can work for every woman irrespective of your body type. A woman of any fitness level can find this program very useful. Before you can be successful with your workout, you must be of good health and the program has everything that can make you to achieve a radiant health in order to achieve the workout objectives.

You are not going to put yourself into serious difficulty by using this program. This is because it takes you away from the challenges that come with weighing and pounding yourself. You are the master of your own as far as the program is concerned because you are not competing with anybody. You are only competing with yourself and the aim is to attain the perfect shape that is desirable for the type of life that you want to live.

You are not required to program yourself in terms of calories consumed or not consumed. There are no such restrictions or limitations. You have the opportunity to enjoy those foods that you like eating, though you have to enjoy them with reason.

Most importantly, the equipment that you need to do the workout and exercises are not difficult to come by. This is a great advantage, as we said earlier, you can do those workouts and exercises in your home and this will no doubt minimize the cost for you.

With the ongoing information, you would discover that The Venus Factor is the most useful tool in the hand of any woman that wants to attain perfect fitness.

Who is the IFCO?

Who is the IFCO?

The International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (iFCO) is an international organization of chiropractors, students and others who support the practice of chiropractic for the purpose of correcting vertebral subluxations because subluxations, in and of themselves, are a detriment to the fullest expression of life in all people at all times. 

What are the IFCO’s Objectives

The objectives of the Federation are: to assist chiropractors in any legal way that is practical; to promote, protect and advance chiropractic and to facilitate the public access to and knowledge of the services of chiropractic.

How does the IFCO Define Chiropractic?

Chiropractic: Chiropractic is a vitalistic philosophy, science, and art which consists solely of the non-therapeutic objective of locating, analyzing, and assisting in the correction of vertebral subluxations, because they are detrimental to the expression of innate intelligence – PERIOD.

IFCO’s History

The Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) was a national trade organization chartered in the state of Kansas in 1979 by a group of concerned chiropractors dedicated to promoting the ideals of straight chiropractic.  In 1982, we relocated to the state of Georgia and registered to conduct business there.  Our national office was located at 642 Broad St., in Clifton, NJ. From 1984 until 2001, when it moved to 2276 Wassergass Road, Hellertown, PA.  The FSCO’s fundamental purpose was to preserve the traditional principles of chiropractic, while representing the interests and concerns of straight chiropractors throughout the world.  In May of 2011, the Board of Directors and an overwhelming majority of the membership voted to change the name of the FSCO to the International Federation of Chiopractors and Organizations (IFCO) to reflect the organizations new stance as an international trade organization.  While the range of the organization’s reach was dramatically expanded, the mission of the FSCO/IFCO has remained the same.

All media inquiries should be directed to

Renee Hillman, Administrative Assistant

Benefits of Membership

1. Unwavering Commitment to Chiropractic

No other national organization supports chiropractic as locating, analyzing, and correcting vertebral subluxations as their sole objective. No drugs, no minor surgery, no adjunctive therapies!

2. Seminars

In a profession full of the fear of health care reform, there is a place to learn how the philosophy, art, and science of chiropractic can propel you into a successful practice and life.

3. Videos, Pamphlets, and Texts

Some of the greatest communicators and writers in chiropractic have made their materials available to IFCO members at discounted prices.

4. Mentor Program

Personal contact with everyday, regular chiropractors who adjust spines without diagnosing and treating and can help you reach that goal in your life.

5. Flow of Information

Through our publication, the IFCO UPDATE , we keep you up to date on important issues affecting chiropractic.

6. Referral Directory

Have your office listed as a benefit of membership along with other straight chiropractors nationwide.

7. Without You There Can Be No IFCO

Mission Statement

The mission of the IFCO is to support and advance the practice of chiropractic that is exclusive for the location, analysis, and correction of vertebral subluxation because vertebral subluxation, in and of itself, is a detriment to the fullest expression of life.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure the future of chiropractic as a separate and distinct profession to secure and insure public access to vertebral subluxation correction.  We shall accomplish this by uniting and supporting chiropractors and organizations who share the IFCO mission through professional, legislative, educational and personal growth endeavors.

Chiropractic As A Career

Congratulations on your decision to consider a career in chiropractic!

When considering any career, it is important that you learn all that you can about it. Accordingly, it is important to know and understand that while all chiropractors go by the same name, they differ greatly in their philosophy and subsequent approach to patient care.

The two varying schools of thought have come to be known as “straight” and “mixing” and have existed since soon after modern chiropractic was discovered by D.D. Palmer in 1895.

Straight chiropractic, the more traditional and conservative approach, has as its sole objective the correction a vertebral subluxations. A vertebral subluxation is a condition in which one or more spinal segments become misaligned in such a way as to alter nerve function. Since Gray’s Anatomy tells us that it is the purpose of the brain and nerve system to control and coordinate the function of all the tissues, organs and cells of the body, this alteration interferes with the body’s striving to remain healthy under all circumstances. Simply stated, every human being under every circumstance will function at a higher level when free from vertebral subluxation. The straight chiropractic objective is not duplicated by any other health care provider.

A straight chiropractor uses only those methods of examination, analysis and adjusting whose objective is correcting vertebral subluxation. It is a non-therapeutic approach to the practice of chiropractic and, as such, should not be considered an alternative to medicine.

Mixing chiropractic, the more liberal approach, has as its objective the reduction or elimination or disease or symptoms. Spinal manipulations may be used to decompress joints, free fixations or reduce pain. Additionally, therapies such as ultrasound, diathermy, muscle stimulation and laser acupuncture may be utilized along with nutritional counseling, casting/splinting and orthotics. Many mixing chiropractors are also active in trying to expand their scope of practice to include the right to prescribe drugs.

A mixing chiropractor uses any/all methods allowable by law to treat and/or alleviate disease or symptoms, thereby duplicating the objective of the medical doctor. It is a therapeutic approach to the practice of chiropractic and because of its duplicative objective, should be considered an alternative to medicine.

Both are primary health care providers.

It would be in the best interest of any future chiropractor to visit with as many chiropractors (of both schools of thought) as possible observing their practice and how they interact with their patients, so that you can answer for yourself, to the best of your ability, the following question:

How do I want to practice? Straight/non-therapeutic? Mixer/therapeutic?

Once you have visited enough chiropractors and asked enough questions to resolve this in your own mind, it is a logical conclusion to consider attending the chiropractic college that will best prepare you for your chosen professional objective.

Since the IFCO has as its objective the advancement of straight chiropractic and straight chiropractors, we believe that the school that is most consistent with preparing its students to become competent straight chiropractors is
Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Whatever your decision, we congratulate you on your decision to consider a career in chiropractic!


Chiropractic Associate Opportunities in Peru and the Dominican Republic

Looking for a principled chiropractor that is ready to change the world! Seeking associate that is interested in working in a straight chiropractic office, seeing high volume, being financially rewarded, learning to run a successful cash practice, learning Spanish, living/working with a team of motivated subluxation centered chiropractors and joining the rapidly growing chiropractic movement that we are leading in South America.

If you want success, you are goal driven and you want an associate position that counts contact Dr. Liam P. Schubel before you miss out!!! Contact us today for details at with a copy to and check out our web page at  Contact the FSCO to learn how you may list your classified ad here.

The Sylva Ashworth Scholarship

An annual $1,000
Chiropractic scholarship
for Single mothers
established to assist
with tuition and childcare.

Open to single mothers enrolled

in Chiropractic College,

who meet the following criteria:

1. Complete financial aid (FAF) forms to your college.
2. Submit an essay, maximum 2 pages, double spaced, standard font and pitch, on white paper.
3. Include verification of single mother & matriculating status in a US chiropractic college (i.e. note from Financial Aid or the Registrar).
4. Previous award recipients are not eligible to win.
5. Be sure to include your name, address, phone, e-mail address, school and trimester on the cover sheet ONLY.
6.Question:  You are a single mom and new DC. Outline your mission statement and give an overview of a typical week in your ideal practice and life. Be sure to include hours of operation, childcare, community outreach and patient education and how you will incorporate your chiropractic principles in your office and child/children’s lives. Emphasize the balance needed and how you plan to overcome everyday challenges as a ‘chiromom’.

Award will be based on creativity, originality and the ability to communicate chiropractic principles. 


7. Submit 2 copies of your essay postmarked by May 1, 2011 to:

Sylva Ashworth Scholarship
c/o IFCO • 2276 Wassergass Road • Hellertown PA 18055


The scholarship announcement will be made on May 26, 2011,
during the Women in Chiropractic seminar, held at Lyceum at
Sherman College of Chiropractic

About the Scholarship

Established in 1999 by Dr. Nalyn Marcus, a ’90 graduate of Sherman College, the scholarship honors Dr. Sylva Ashworth, a pioneer and powerhouse in our profession. After receiving chiropractic care, Dr. Ashworth attended Palmer School and Cure in 1917, as a single mother of four. She went on to maintain a high volume practice, and remained influential and visible in the profession throughout her life. Her legacy continues through 5 generations of Cleveland family chiropractors.

The International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizationshas agreed to provide a home for the Ashworth scholarship. The IFCO has been an active voice for chiropractic for more than 25 years and is represented by a national constituency and student chapters at leading chiropractic colleges.

The Sylva Ashworth Scholarship is funded solely through contributions

and purchases of limited edition lapel pins and

“Cooking with Chiropractic” cookbooks.

For more information on these products, please contact

*The Sylva Ashworth Scholarship is awarded based upon eligibility and essay creativity. While it is the committee’s intention to award this scholarship annually, it reserves the right to grant scholarships solely on the basis of quality and eligibility and as such may encounter a year where an award is not granted.

Leadership Scholarship


IFCO Rewards Future Chiropractic Leaders

January 3, 2011

“I am happy to report that there is definitely a future for straight chiropractic!” says IFCO Director and Scholarship Committee Chairman David J. McGonagle, D.C.   The inaugural Scholarship for Leaders has left the Scholarship Committee enthusiastic about the prospects that may help the IFCO continue its mission. The applicants outnumbered any recent scholarship that the IFCO has sponsored. Nearly all the applicants deserve notoriety. McGonagle expects to see their names on a list of seminar speakers, a peer-reviewed article, or sitting on a chiropractic board of directors in the not-so-distant future.

The Scholarship for Leaders didn’t ask anyone to do anything other then tell the Scholarship Committee why they think they should be recognized as a leader in the “world of TIC”.

The guidelines allowed the applicants to nominate themselves or to be nominated by a school staff member, field doctor or peer.  Nominated students hailed from nine different chiropractic schools throughout the United States.

These students have a long list of accomplishments on their resumes, including: being an active part of student government, starting technique and philosophy clubs on their campus, getting their school to participate in an interscholastic speech competition on chiropractic philosophy, tutoring classmates, heading up clinical research projects based on the chiropractic adjustment, and standing up for our profession against a professor who was verbally degrading both TIC and TOR during class ( as a student, this takes guts). The outward signs of leadership were evident.  The hard part of being on the scholarship committee was to choose five most-deserving students, each receiving a $1000 scholarship.

The following are the 2010 IFCO Scholarship for Leaders award winners:

Jessica Bogart       Cleveland L.A.   

Lucas Chesser      Cleveland L.A.  

Sean Drake           Life University   

Alvin Hsu             Life West    

Christie Kwon      Life University

 We can be hopeful that these individuals will stick with their enthusiasm and commitment to keep chiropractic on the straight path.  When you have a chance to speak with a scholarship winner, congratulate them and encourage them.  Also, be ready to learn from them.



5 Prizes Totaling $5000

  Just for doing what you love…

  Chiropractic students are eligible for up to $5000

in prize money for their efforts

to advance and/or promote the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic.

The IFCO will consider all nominated students who have advanced and/or promoted the philosophy, science or art of chiropractic in a significant way.  The IFCOfeels that it is important to acknowledge, reward and encourage those students who are taking the initiative, and have gone beyond their comfort zone, to experience chiropractic beyond the classroom. Contributions will not be judged solely on how “large scale” the contribution is, but also on the level of foresight the student has in their activity to further the practice of chiropractic.  The objective of the scholarship is to reward a student who is willing to take a leadership role this early in their chiropractic career.

Who is qualified:  Any matriculating chiropractic student may be nominated for the scholarship.

Who may nominate:   Any student (including self) or employee of a chiropractic college, as well as any licensed D.C.  The person nominating must state why the nominee is deserving of the scholarship award in 1000 words or less. 

How to nominate:  Include a cover sheet with name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, school name, and student’s present level of trimester/quarter.  Also include name, address, and telephone number of nominator if not self-nominating.

  • All scholarship entries should be double-spaced and be in normal font of 10-12 pitch, 1000 words or less, formatted in Word. 

Deadline:  Scholarship entries must be e-mailed

by November 15, 2010

  • E-mail entries to: IFCOChiro@gmail.comspecifying in the Subject line:  Scholarship for Leaders.  A confirmation of receipt of the e-mail will be sent to you. Please contact the IFCO office if you do not receive confirmation by November16, 2010. 
  • Award recipients will be announced and recognized on or before December 31, 2010.


Hit the Ground Running DVD sets have arrived! The IFCO is proud to bring you the complete Hit The Ground Runningseminar on DVD. If you missed the opportunity to attend the live program at Sherman College you can now order all or part of this great program and make it a permanent part of your personal library to review as often as you need to get every bit of valuable information from 6 powerful IFCO speakers.

Here’s what the program includes:

Dr. Shawn Powers – How to Attract and Empower ALL the New Patients You Desire

Dr. Dean DePice – Obliterate The Options

Dr. George Auger – Your Success Equals Your Ability To Lead

Dr. Greg Stetzel – Communicating Chiropractic

Dr. Shane Walker – Road Map to 60 New Patient Months

Dr. Peter Kevorkian – Chiropractic Mastery

Individual presentations – $20*/DVD of your choice

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  • If you don’t think you can pull off a radio show you are WRONG! 
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Help Your Practice Members


Now you and your practice members can spread

the Chiropractic message with every car trip. 

These 5.8” diameter car magnets are an easy way

to increase Chiropractic’s visibility in your community

and start Chiropractic conversations.

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Now there is a way to create better educated patients, patients committed to their care, patients willing and eager to refer friends and family to you for their chiropractic care.

The WEEKLY HANDOUTS Program allows you to educate your patients on a regular ongoing basis with little effort on your part. 

The WEEKLY HANDOUTS Programs, Volumes 1 and 2, are collection of 52 educational and inspirational handouts that you can simply copy on your office copier or print out your computer and hand to each patient every week to keep your practice members motivated.  The 10 page implementation guide, included with the programs, gives you suggestions for different ways to use the program to help you build a bulletproof practice full of dedicated patients.

Order now to discover a new way to consistently and effectively educate you practice, excite your patients and turn on your referral generator.  Practice will never be the same again.

            WEEKLY HANDOUTSfor $250 + S&H*

           WEEKLY HANDOUTSfor $250 + S&H*

           BOTHWEEKLY HANDOUTS1 & 2 for $450 + S&H*

*S & H is extra based on weight and destination.Contact IFCO for more information.


Chiropractic Marketing Tools that will Absolutely Grow Your Practice

By John Reizer, D.C.

$19.95 + Shipping & Handling

Why Should You Buy This Book?

This book will help doctors who are looking to develop sure-fire methods to properly market their professional services to prospective patients.

Whether you have been a practicing doctor for many years or you have just recently opened your doors for the very first time it is imperative that you learn how to package and present your professional service to potential patients in an intelligent manner.

In this book, best selling author Dr. John Reizer provides a step-by-step guide for readers on how to successfully implement the most cost-effective marketing tools in the modern chiropractic office.

John Reizer, D.C. will generously donate 25% of the proceeds collected from sales generated by the IFCO back to IFCO!




by John L. Reizer, D.C.

“15 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Chiropractor” is an enjoyable and practical guide designed to help those special doctors who are interested in attaining the highest level of success possible within the chiropractic profession. Veteran chiropractor, author, and college lecturer Dr. John Reizer reveals to readers his very own private formula for personal and professional success. Dr. Reizer simplifies his formula by breaking down its major ingredients into fifteen powerful secrets that will instantly help chiropractors to realize their own unlimited potential for success.

Topics include: 
< >Personal goal writing strategiesHow to write a proper mission statement Avoiding professional burnout Managing your time efficiently Visualization techniques that will ensure your success How to create and implement a patient referral program Learning how to have fun in the workplace Creating balance within your life Developing a healthy attitude about being successful And much more
$15.00 each plus Shipping & Handling


Also available through IFCO:

Materials by Joe Strauss, D.C.

IFCO and the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education (F.A.C.E.) have teamed up to bring you the finest straight chiropractic patient education and professional growth materials available, offering a 20% discount to IFCO members.

The prices for Dr. Strauss` publications are for IFCO Members only. Non-Members must order directly from Dr. Strauss by calling call 1-800-397-9722 or visiting


Chiropractic Philosophy 
The most definitive explanation of the philosophy of chiropractic in the last sixty years. Hardback, 248 pages.
$25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price

Refined by Fire: The Evolution of Straight Chiropractic 
Follows the development of straight chiropractic through 1994. Hardback, 316 pages.
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Higher Ground 
A collection of philosophical, motivational, and practice building essays taken from lectures by Dr. Strauss over the past 15 years. Hardback, 245 pages.
$26.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price

The Journey 
A historical novel that follows David Grey from the Civil War through a medical career that leads him to Iowa and to D.D. Palmer, who holds the answer to his life-long search. Paperback, 250 pages.
$5.95 / $5.00 IFCO Member Price

Enhance Your Life Experience 
A book about health written from an above-down chiropractic perspective, especially for the lay person. Presents the basis for chiropractic and every other aspect of health and human performance. 200 pages.
Hardback:$25.00 / $20.00 IFCO Member Price
Paperback$8.00 / $6.00 IFCO Member Price

Reggie: Making the Message Simple 
Portrays honestly the contribution of chiropractic`s most articulate philosopher, presenting the man and the message that most chiropractic colleges in the country are afraid to let their students hear. Hardback, 262 pages.
$25.00 / 20.00 IFCO Members
The Pivot Review: 1992-1997
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June 1, 2011

FSCO Announces Name Change – Extends Reach Internationally

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) recently voted to extend their efforts to support straight chiropractors around the world. This is significant because FSCO is currently the only national organization to promote the location, analysis, and correction of vertebral subluxation as a sole rationale for chiropractic care and as a singular practice objective. The decision will make them the only international or national organization of its kind.

Concurrently, the Board and by an overwhelming majority, the membership, voted to change the name of the organization to International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO) to better represent their commitment to chiropractic and chiropractors around the world. “Our mission and our core values are exactly the same,” said FSCO President Shane Walker, DC from Florida. “We are still committed to the mission of correcting vertebral subluxations and continue to maintain that the objective of the chiropractic profession is to detect and correct vertebral subluxations because they interfere with the expression of the innate intelligence of the body.” He adds, “The decision to expand our efforts was made after several chiropractic organizations overseas approached us to represent them. We sense the growing need abroad and are committed to ensuring that chiropractors around the world who want to practice in this model have representation.”

When asked why the organization had decided to remove the term straight from the name after all these years, Chairman of the Board Bill Decken, DC from South Carolina said, “The Board and I agree that in countries where chiropractic does not yet exist, or has a limited foothold, it is prudent to position and define chiropractic as we know it to be without the use of the adjective straight in our name, especially since many in our profession are beginning to attempt to add adjectives of their own such as Chiropractic Medicine. As the chiropractic profession moves more and more into medicine with broader scopes of practice and the addition of drugs and even minor surgery, it has become increasingly important to not only protect chiropractic here in the states but to ensure that there is a presence abroad to make vertebral subluxation correction available to people of all ages around the world.”

FSCO has recently been actively involved in a variety of situations both in the states and abroad that threatened to further the medicalization of the chiropractic profession. Chairman Decken notes, “We have taken stands in the attacks on chiropractic practice and terminology that are taking place in New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Illinois, and South Carolina as well as in England, Europe and Australia. In every case, the voice of the FCSO was an important and vital contribution to the positive outcome of these situations. We look forward to continuing to be the voice of straight chiropractic in the United States and now around the world for a long time to come.”

On March 17, 2011 Chiropractic prevailed in New Mexico!

As a follow up to the good news, we ask you to step up and take action once more by please taking just few moments more to call or email the senators in New Mexico who stood with chiropractic to defeat HB127.

Sen. Peter Wirth 505-986-4276

Sen. Sander Rue 505-986-4375

Sen. John C. Ryan 505-986-4373

Sen. Michael S. Sanchez 505-986-4727

We want to acknowledge the college presidents who took public stances in defense of chiropractic: Life West’s new President Brian Kelly as well as Life West’s recently retired President Gerry Clum, and Life University’s Guy Reikeman.

The effort to defeat this legislation went from the most local of testimonies in New Mexico to international efforts including our chiropractic allies in the UK and Peru, sending personal letters to the New Mexico Legislature.  A special thanks to Ross McDonald, President if the Scottish Chiropractic Association as well Nick Necak, President of the Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance for taking the time to write personal letters to the New Mexico Legislature in opposition of House Bill 127. Thanks to them for having a vision that transcends borders and oceans!!!

FSCO members and friends took a stand for chiropractic. This is not the first time and won’t be the last.  Keep in touch for action in the masses is how we will educate the world.


March 16, 2011

Contact the Governor of New Mexico

According to a March 14, 2011 article by the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, New Mexico’s  Governor  Susana Martinez’s office said, “She has great concerns about allowing chiropractors to prescribe medication without undergoing the same rigorous training and certification as licensed physicians.” 

Therefore, in addition to contacting the members of New Mexico’s Senate Judiciary Committee

if you have not already done so (scroll down for contact info below),

we are asking that you

please contact Governor Martinez and ask her to not sign the bill should it reach her desk:

Governor Susana Martinez

Phone:  (505)476-2200

Fax:  (505)476-2276


March 14, 2011

New Mexico’s House Bill 127 was passed and we believe it is expected to go to the Senate for consideration today. 

Please use FSCO’s thoughts as you see fit to contact Senators in New Mexico.

•    Since its founding in 1895, chiropractic has always been different than medicine, something other than allopathy, a separate and distinct health care profession.  FSCO clearly defines chiropractic as the location, analysis and correction of the vertebral subluxation to remove interference in the nerve system so that the innate intelligence of the body may be better expressed.  Anything else is something else.
•    The chiropractic profession’s ability to prevail in a 14-yr antitrust lawsuit against the American Medical Association (AMA) in the 80’s and to survive and prosper is due to adherence to its founding principles.  
•    It is true that chiropractic colleges have begun to incorporate medical practices and procedures in their curriculums and continue to do so at an alarming rate.  This is probably the result of a multiplicity of factors, including the current economic atmosphere.  However, the single greatest factor in the colleges’ shift to a more allopathic approach is pressure from the profession’s only accrediting agency, The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE).  Opposition to this movement has been voiced and recorded on dozens of occasions over the last 20 years, yet is almost completely ignored by the U.S. Department of Education.  
•    If ensuring the highest quality of care and public safety is the goal, it would seem a foregone conclusion to leave the prescription and administration of dangerous drugs and other invasive procedures to the profession whose objective it is to diagnose and treat disease and whose education and residency programs are specifically designed to meet and enhance that objective (i.e., allopathic medicine).
•    Chiropractors have maintained for years that physical therapists’ use of manipulation of the spine is not just encroachment on chiropractic’s scope of practice but that is categorically dangerous as PTs acquire their technique at “weekend seminars.”  Yet, some chiropractors have no problem with taking a few courses in pharmacology and not only encroaching on the medical profession’s scope but completely abandoning chiropractic’s founding principles.  Whether our profession is equally trained or can be trained to assume some medical protocols is not the issue.  The question is why our profession assumes it can encroach on other established healthcare professions simply by taking advanced training?
In summary, HB127 will create an unnecessary and ill-advised encroachment on the practice of medicine which will neither enhance the public’s access to safe and effective medical care nor the chiropractic profession’s ability to deliver quality healthcare to the people of New Mexico.  It will, in fact, create an environment which will encourage an increase in healthcare litigation due to an increase in utilization of dangerous procedures and substances which will place the healthcare consumer in jeopardy.  It is the duty of the New Mexico legislature and New Mexico Board of Chiropractic Examiners to enact and uphold laws which protect the people of their state and not to enact laws which place them in harm’s way.  

It is therefore the position of the FSCO that the expansion of the scope of chiropractic practice to include practices and procedures which encroach into the realm and purpose of medical care is not in the best interest of the consumer public or the chiropractic profession itself.  As such, the FSCO strongly urges a vote against this bill.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is meeting this week as you read this. PLEASE ACT NOW!

    Sen. Richard C. Martinez,  505-986-4487,
    Sen. Eric G. Griego,  505-986-4862,
    Sen. Clinton D. Harden,  505-986-4369,
    Sen. Linda M. Lopez, 505-986-4737,
    Sen. Cicso McSorley,  505-986-4389,
    Sen. Sander Rue,  505-986-4375,
    Sen. John C. Ryan,  505-986-4373,
    Sen. Michael S. Sanchez, 505-986-4727,
    Sen. William H. Payne,  505-986-4703,

   *Sen. Tim Eichenberg,  505-986-4859  email c/o Chief Clerk of the NM Senate:

   * Sen. Peter Wirth,  505-986-4276 email c/o Chief Clerk of the NM Senate:

Please act on this by calling now.
Thank you.


March 2, 2011

FSCO denounces ACC’s use of the term “chiropractic medicine.”

On February 24, 2011, Shane Walker, D.C., President of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) sent the following letter to Frank Nicchi, DC, President of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) and the other ACC Officers and Directors, as well as to the presidents of all US chiropractic colleges.

Dear Dr. Nicci,

It has come to our attention that the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) has adopted and begun to promote the term “chiropractic medicine” within their programming.  Most notably, this term has appeared in announcement of an ACC program titled, “Integration of Chiropractic Medicine in the Workers’ Compensation Industry.”

As the ACC is presumably a representative affiliation of chiropractic colleges, we at the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO) object to the ACC’s utilization of terminology which has been flatly rejected by the majority of the chiropractic profession.  We note that there has been a covert movement by a small but vocal minority within the profession who have actively pursued the expansion of accepted chiropractic practice to include medical modalities and procedures associated with the promotion of the term, “chiropractic medicine.”  It would appear that adoption by the ACC would serve as an attempt to infiltrate the academic community within the profession with expansive terminology that will increase the scope of chiropractic into an infringement on the practices of medicine by fiat.  We do not believe that the intent, purpose or direction of the ACC should be in the pursuit of expansion of scope. 

The term “medicine” is not permissible in most, if not all states and jurisdictions as part of a chiropractic practice designation.  As the principles and tenets of chiropractic are antithetical to the practice of medicine, the term chiropractic medicine is an oxymoron and, at best, inappropriate and deceiving to the public.  The FSCO encourages the leadership of the

ACC to act in proper accord with the majority in the chiropractic profession and not to serve as a vehicle for the dilution or destruction of the founding principles of our unique profession.

We will be in communication with the administrations of the ACC affiliated schools and seek to clarify their position in regard to this issue in the interest of professional conformity in the educational process. 

The FSCO will remain vigilant in protecting and preserving chiropractic from all infringements so that it will be available for the benefit of this and future generations.

Respectfully submitted,

Shane J. Walker, DC, FSCO President

CC:  Association of Chiropractic Colleges:  Board of Directors

Chiropractic College Presidents